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April 15, 2012

HINAYA × Rumi Rock new yukata "IKARUGA"

HINAYA × Rumi Rock

Elegance of Kyoto×Coolness of Tokyo Yukatas dyed with two cities' chemistries

Trying not stereotyping traditions as traditions,

Not intentionally aiming at innovation,

Just wanting to prove that the fact "we are present".

Like a nomad watching out for a lighthouse.

Finding something new in yourself.

There you find the best and most of joy to wear.

Let's go with us?

HINAYA × Rumi Rock

Yukata " IKARUGA"

Rumi Rock produced the new Yukata collection with Hinaya Kyoto famed with Karakumi obis.

The handle investigated composition and a Locke taste further boldly, made the crest of the typical "Karakumi belt" an atmosphere [ that it is primitive and avant-garde ], and went up.

We have them in 3 colors, red, white, and black.

The crest who exceeded the category of the old yukata and exceeded space-time thinks that I want just those who are flapped in the world to wear.

Also can be worn formally and dramatically, the new narrow obi was re-designed of the belt of Hinaya Kyoto, is added the unique interpretation as Rumirock directs the scene of a yukata.

They are mixture of the essence of coolness of Edo and the elegance of Kyoto.

Please be stylishly dressed  in this new yukata.

Trunk Show---------------------------

Kimono switch in KYOTO 5/18(fri), 19(sat.), 20(sun.)

@HINAYA KYOTO Kiyomizu Gojozaka flagship store

"We will bring in many Kimonos including the new collection from Rumirock to Kyoto!"

It will be the first trunk show in Kyoto, and you can see the real ones there during this special event.

We custom-tailor your yukata after taking measurements. We are so pround and excited about our new print design, and please come to see us, and put on the yukata and take a walk in Kyoto.

by General manager of Kimono Switch, Kazuaki Kaneko 

Sat. & Sun. 1pm to 3pm, Demonstration by Mr. Kaneko 

Rumirock yukatas are available till 5/29(sun).


About Kimono Switch:

Net shop of kimonos and yukatas launched in summer 2006 by Rumi Shibazaki and Kazuaki Kaneko wishing "there should be a switch that swith on and off between the time to switch to a kimono life from a (western)clothes life.

With the kimono switch, we collaborate with artisans and creators for our own production, which makes possible to offer the up-to-date styles with keeping basics of kimono.

We propose easy-to-wear items for kimono beginners, especially for young male beginners increasing its numbers recently.



General Manager: Kazuaki Kaneko

Born in Tokamachi city, Niigata Pref.

He was in charge of dyeing and pattern engraving for 12 years at the printing factory of Edo-sarasa cloths and Edo-komon prints. Since what he  worked on were mainly expensive kimonos of the traditional-handicrafts, he started the kimono switch net shop for those who want to carry out stylish kimono styles more freely.

He takes charge of name-engraving for hanten short coats, as well as hand-engraving of the paper pattern of yukatas, kimonos, towels.


Rumi Rock

Rumi Rock is a unisex yukata brand. Based on the soul of the Edokkos'(tokyo-born cosmopolitans') "enjoy everything!", we proposed the yukata and kimono related items with modern stylishness and sex appeal. Our yukatas are all made of domestically dyed and produced textiles and are comfortable to your eyes and skin. Please wear them according to TPOs, like to the time of relaxation with like-minded friends, and to important parties or events.

Design by Rumi Shibasaki


Rumi Shibasaki

Born in Tokyo. General manager of RUMIX DESIGN STUDIO.

Producer. She has been engaged in a textile design, product planning in a kimono-related items and accessories for 20 years, also has much experience in various traditional dye methods and digital printing with producing and designing ladies' and men's yutaktas, as well as haori, kimono undergarments, furisode. She offers  kimono designs with new twists and ideas which tow the current kimono market, and pulls out the fun of Japanese "culture to wear" of kimono energetically.

Corporation industrial designer association (JIDA) member.

Japanese textile design association (TDA) member.


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April 14, 2012

Re : http://hinaya-kyoto.co.jp/

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March 29, 2012


Hiromi Asai (Kimono stylist) living in New York's works have been featured in the Italian fashion magazine "Collezioni Haute Couture".

I has been and am always impressed with her works and her passion, and I believe she did a very meaningfull job this time and Hinaya has supplyed her many obis so far for her works.

She keeps working actively in the main field of High fashion overseas as Kimono Hiro.

I would ilke to support her continuously.

She used  obis of HINAYA KYOTO again here. Big thanks and hugs to her !

photography by Wesley

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March 24, 2012

yatsushi....matofu's 2013FW collectionm

I viewed matohu's 2013 FW collection named yatsushi on 3/20.

They used Hinaya fabric in the collection, and I was invited to the show.

I met matohu designers, Mr.Hiroyuki Horihata and Ms. Makiko Sekiguchi through my friend and stylist, Souta Yamaguchi.

Souta was introduced to me by Mr. Masaya Kushino, who had a solo show at HINAYA KYOTO last fall.

Mr. Kushino was introduced me by one of Hinaya Kiyomizu Gojozaka store staff at the opening of the store.

Once I wrote down how we met, I found out "people bring people"...it is interesting.

One meeting leads to the next, and it continues...

Well, let me start with matohu's latest collection.

I personally liked matohu, and I even owned their famous nagagi, but had never seen the show before, and I found that it was just beautiful! (log in to view the collection:here)

I had read the background thoughts on the theme "yatsushi", so I was kind of swallowed in the show.

The show venue was full, and since I arrived there just on time, I stood and viewed the show.

I was not informed which garments they used Hinaya fabrics with, so I could not identified in the log distance.

My eyes glued with the dress dye with deep and cool navy gradually, and there was a yellow one as well.

I felt so much tranquility at the show place.

I received a message from Mr. Horihata via facebook.

"Did you tell which ones?"

To my surprise, the dresses I was impressed best were the ones!

I was pleasantly amazed!

They had Hinaya fabric as a foundation, but matohu designers metamorphosed the textile up to totally different level.

Japanese point of view and aesthetic feeling: Yatsushi, that finds time to figure out what the depth of the rich and beautiful, simple to change and then dare to poor.

I was so fascinated by the beauty.

So much applaud to the creative passion!

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March 22, 2012

On the view "rarara urara" by AFLO+ at Hinaya Kyoto

Rarara Urara by Mayumi Minagawa

March 20th(Tue) to April 8th(Sun)

@HINAYA KYOTO Kiyomizu Gojozaka store


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March 20, 2012

Ossu! Shugeibu and Hideki ToyoshimaK @ HINAYA KYOTO

I went to see "Exhibition Organized  by the Museum, the Ossu! Shugeibu and Hideki Toyoshima: Jiga Daizessan-My ArtWork Amazes me" held at the 21st century museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa from 11/23, 2011 to yesterday.

I happened to be introduced this show by one of my friends who is engaged in graphic design.

On Feb 5th.

I was so moved and fascinated by the free-spirit in his creativity at the first sight.

I wanted to see the club manager at any chance, and found out that he has been recruiting new club members in Kansai on twitter.

I approached him to accept a workshop at the Hinaya Kyoto Store, and he kindly accepted it!

On March 11th.

I went to see him at the museum and had some conversation.

Actually, I am not a member yet. I have never participated in the club activity.

So, I will join the workshop on April 21st, and I am so excited!

We are wanting new club members in Kyoto, and the detailed information is shown below.

Let's make a robot-gurumi with Shoichi Ishizawa Manager.

It will make your day!

Let's make "robot-gurumi"@HINAYA KYOTO Kiyomizu Gojozaka store

4/21(Sat.) 14:00~
cost: 3500yen(including materials)

3/20(Tue.)~、We recruit new club members in Kyoto!

"No need to bring anything. We offer all the materials needed, but if you have anything you want to use, please bring them in!" - by club manager

Entry → entry@hinaya-kyoto.co.jp

Send your name, contact information and # of participants and e-mail it to us.

"Exhibition Organized by the Museum, the Ossu! Shugeibu and Hideki Toyoshima: Jiga Daizessan-My ArtWork Amazes me"

supported by Karasuma University

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March 18, 2012

Rarara Urara show by AFLO+ by Mayumi minagawa

HINAYA KYOTO Kiyomizu Gojozaka store presents the private exhibition by  AFLO+ by Ms. Mayumi Minagawa from Tue. March 20 to Sun.April 8.

She told us that she came to the store in last September at the time of work exhibition of the Susan Cianciolo for the first time.

Then, Ms Maki Takahashi, an essayist and who organizes Kyoto Karasuma University also introduced her to us.

As for many works created by being with the fabric of HINAYA shown at her private exhibition called "seed:seed" of AFLO+ opened in Kyoto in last November were wonderful.....

"--although only a little cloth is used with accessories-- a small part -- eyes are elaborated thoroughly and the merit is felt -- "

This Mr. Minagawa's words were suddenly pierced me in the heart, and I asked her for the private exhibition this time.

[A thought of AFLO +]

My images of "rarara urara" in my head....

Warm soft air.

Feeling like going out with no plan.

Feeling like wearing spring colors.

Such images.

I wanted to make works with colors richer than my usual color palette.

I thought it important to come into contact with threads or cloths in large numbers first of all.

I arranges various lengths of cloths horizontally and vertically, then piles up many sheets.

Then, the form of a work comes in sight gradually.

I started to notice new combinations of colors which occasionally was not in the head until now.

And next, I try to change the point of view.

I get closer to them.

I then focus on the end instead of middle.

I try arranging them in every direction.

I try stretching or lengthening.

Then, I discover new things again and the width of a work spreads so much.

And the time of adding handwork at last comes.

Since accessories are very small, they change expression a lot by which portion is cut off.

Here, I think "it was worth touching and taking them  a lot ".

A natural materials are transmitted to people's hand, and they become threads and cloths, and then they  transmitted to people's hands and become art works.

Finally then, they meet someone new who does not see them yet.

Considering such relation, I knit and stitch slowly and carefully.

Ms. Mayumi Minagawa's work is felt as if her great smile was dwelling in each piece which put the heart and was carefully built as well as the style.


Threads dyed in spring colors,
Cloths breeze with warm and gentle air.

I touch them and talk to them a lot.

Then, they started to bloom and sing in my face.

Rarara, urara.

I was personally surprised that I still have this type of color stories in myself...at the sight of the lineup of my new collection.

By touching and talking to materials a lot lead me to the best forms.
I add my handwork to it, and create my art works.

Please come and see these gentle and touching collection.

Spring colors blooming at Kiyomizu Gojozaka

Rarara Urara by Mayumi Minagawa

March 20th(Tue) to April 8th(Sun)

@HINAYA KYOTO Kiyomizu Gojozaka store


TEL: 075-551-3558

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